Affording a T1WT Program

Fundraising for a T1WT Program

The impact of an immersive educational Type 1 Way Ticket adventure extends far beyond the program dates and builds T1D teens’ confidence for life. We believe any motivated young person – regardless of their family’s financial standing – should have the opportunity to develop their sense of self and discover their limitlessness. We recognize the financial impact of diabetes, especially in countries like the United States, can be a big barrier to traveling, and we have put together a list of resources to consult when fundraising for your program.


Type 1 Way Ticket got started with a GoFundMe fundraiser! GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for a variety of causes, including affording transformative travel programs. Compared to other platforms, GoFundMe charges a small transaction fee on each donation and makes it easy to set up your fundraising page. 


Having a fundraising event is a fun way to raise money for your Type 1 Way Ticket Travel program from your local networks (school, sports teams, religious communities). Generally, these events are informal, provide some service or good in exchange for a donation, and can involve many friends or family/community members.

This could be a bake sale, car wash, fee-to-play sports tournament, or any other event you think your community would enjoy and donate to support. 


Lions Clubs International has had a long-standing commitment to funding grants to diabetes youth camps and retreats. Several local Lions Club chapters sponsor campers/travelers who need financial assistance to attend.

Reach out to your local Lions Club chapter →


We have created a need-based scholarship fund to help travelers access a Type 1 Way Ticket program. Launched in September 2022, the fund is small but growing thanks to community donors like Skin Grip. 

If you are interested in exploring financial aid options, please reach out to us to discuss your circumstances further. 

If you need help devising A PERSONAL fundraising strategy, please feel free to reach out to us.