The T1D Team Behind the T1WT Magic

Meet the T1WTeam

We may be a little biased, but we’ve traveled the world and our staff are undoubtedly some of the best in it! Proving anything is possible with diabetes, they regularly challenge limitations and inspire the next generation of T1D changemakers through their leadership. Our staff are passionate about facilitating thought-provoking discussions, injecting fun into day-to-day diabetes management, summiting mountains, telling Circle stories, and helping T1D teens discover their passions. They create the magic on and off program that makes us all want to live boldly and limitlessly.


𖤥 Basecamp: Denver, USA

Countries Traveled: 44 | Favorite: Thailand

#1 Bucket List Country: Oman

T1D: 27 Years

Passionate about diabetes camp + community, outdoors adventure, cross-cultural connection, and experiential education, Savannah’s career took many shapes and forms prior to Type 1 Way Ticket. While studying Sociology at Colorado College, she developed her love for global experiential education which propelled her to become a high school teacher and travel Program Leader and Director. During her five years abroad, Savannah taught in Thailand, Cambodia, Chile, Argentina, Jordan, and South Africa and directed teen programs throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America. These years sparked her interest in entrepreneurship and investment as mechanisms for systemic change, and led Savannah to become an Entrepreneurial Leadership Consultant, startup accelerator manager, venture capitalist, and impact investor. Alongside T1WT, Savannah works as an Impact Investment Advisor and Director for funds and foundations allocating capital to accomplish the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Savannah completed her Masters degree in Education Entrepreneurship from University of Pennsylvania and is a certified Diabetes Coach, Wilderness First Responder, and Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver. She speaks Spanish fluently, is learning Levantine Arabic, and loves learning as much local dialect as possible while traveling. Outside of the outdoors office, you can find her watercolor painting, rock climbing, skiing, and basking in the Rocky Mountain West sunshine. 


𖤥 Basecamp: Colorado Springs, USA

Countries Traveled: 16 | Favorite: Germany

#1 Bucket List Country: Uruguay

T1D: 10 Years

Originally from Washington, and a big fan of the Pacific Northwest U.S., Maggie is currently a sophomore History- Political Science major at Colorado College. Prior, she engaged in immersive intellectual and outdoor adventures like work-studying on a farm at The Mountain School in Vermont, backpacking in the Rockies with Outward Bound, and traveling extensively around Europe.

In her free time, Maggie loves to backpack, ski, walk, travel,  read, swim, hangout with her sisters, and hike with her dog. She considers herself very lucky to live a life where she has access to those things, and she loves that T1WT is working to share the gift of travel and outdoors adventure with more people living with Type 1 Diabetes!


𖤥 Basecamp: Boston, USA

Countries Traveled: 5 | Favorite: Uganda

#1 Bucket List Country: India

T1D: 19 Years

Trevor is a Registered Travel Nurse with almost two decades of experience navigating Type 1 Diabetes on travel and outdoor adventures. Growing up, Trevor worked with the Joslin Diabetes Center and affiliate summer camps. After graduating with his B.S.N. from Boston College, Trevor led Camp Joslin’s healthcare team as the Charge Nurse before travel nursing on cardiovascular, ICU, COVID, vascular, and thoracic hospital units around the U.S. 

Trevor adamantly believes in the power of connecting with others through travel and shared experiences and is excited to facilitate T1WT travelers’ growth, new perspectives, intercultural immersion, and confidence. When he’s not traveling for work or for fun, you can catch Trevor rock climbing, skiing, biking, or doing anything in the mountains.


𖤥 Basecamp: Chiang Mai, Thailand

After graduating from Phitsanulok University with a B.A. in Tourism, Bo began an 8 years and counting career as a rock climbing guide and outdoor educator. He has had the opportunity to work with international students around the world – helping them explore Thailand and giving them the ability to get in touch with his home country’s culture, nature, community, and lifestyle. His experience includes guiding adventures in China and throughout SE Asia–immersing himself in cultures and languages worldwide.

Fun fact: Bo was Savannah’s climbing guide the first time she ever traveled to Thailand! Years later, they reunited as coincidental co-leaders and led programs together as the “Dream Team” for the Smithsonian Institute for 5 years! 

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