Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from travelers and families alike. If you can’t find the answer to your question, get in touch! We’d be happy to hear from you. 

We believe there are many benefits, a key one being that you get to explore new places and activities with people who inherently “speak your language.” On top of that, diabetes is part of the day-to-day on each program. There will always be time to pre-bolus for meals and treat lows, we’ll remind you not to leave your insulin in the hotel fridge, and we offer preparation tips and support specific to diabetes and diabetes management on each activity.

While our goal is to equip travelers to approach new places, people, and activities with the confidence to manage diabetes “in the wild,” we find that diabetes-specific environments lessen the learning curve of developing these skills, and give T1D teens the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with people who will always understand their literal and figurative highs and lows. 

Furthermore, unlike “regular” teen travel companies, we offer robust pre-departure support to our travelers and families. We guide you through things like preparing to file a “vacation override” with your insurance, ways to amass an extra stash of diabetes supplies in anticipation of travel, selecting a travel insurance provider who will cover diabetes as a pre-existing condition, and so forth. The diabetes-specific environment not only is an added layer of support but also teaches teens experientially how to prepare for their own future travels.

Not all the time. We hold specific leadership training sessions on traveling with diabetes and on various aspects of managing diabetes in adolescence and early adulthood. Outside of those times, our programs are completely normal teen travel programs (though we think with better itineraries)–it just so happens that all staff and travelers have diabetes. But our Program Leaders are available to discuss diabetes questions, concerns, stories, you name it, at any point. We think it’s a super special thing to be able to be understood in that way by the whole group.

Everywhere! U.S., Canada, U.K. Australia, Argentina, and more. We enjoy having globally diverse groups of travelers and encourage you to join us.

Our minimum group size is 5 and our maximum is 14. Research into experiential education programs has indicated that the size of the group contributes greatly to the success of the program. We keep our groups within the ideal range, allowing for close-knit relationships and cohesive communities.

We value travel experiences of any duration; however, we find that 2+ weeks is the sweet spot for community building and bonding, learning, stretching comfort zones, honing and refining new skills, and developing greater degrees of confidence. The length of each of our programs accommodates the program goals in addition to enabling travelers opportunities to truly get to know the country in which they are traveling.

You do not. Our programs are facilitated group experiences designed to accommodate both those who have and those who haven’t traveled before. There are many different styles of travel, and our programs may be new to even experienced travel. We welcome any and all with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

Each program has a set departure airport, where the group convenes with their Program Leaders to take the long haul international flight all together. For Thailand programs, this is typically Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Travelers are not required to take the group flight and may instead elect to meet their group and program leaders at the arrival airport in-country between stipulated hours.

Travelers flying on the group flight will depart from the in-country airport back to the group departure airport together. Travelers flying separately will be required to book a flight departing at the same time or slightly earlier than the group flight.

No problem. Our programs don’t require any prior language experience. English is widely spoken in Southeast Asia, and we partner with great local guides who can translate when needed. In Latin American countries, your program leaders will speak Spanish. No matter where, we support you to learn the basics of the language, so that you can be polite and meaningfully engage with locals.

Yes! Our itineraries are packed with fun adventures each day but we incorporate free time so participants can explore, reflect, and gain confidence and independence through traveling.

We offer free time in defined safe areas – for example in a market or exploring a museum. During these times, students remain in groups of at least three and there is always a designated meeting point and time. 

Furthermore, we build in regular solo and reflection time during the week to offer travelers opportunities to practice mindfulness and presence.

Not yet, but we will! We are in the midst of developing programming for college/university-age travelers and early 20-somethings. We also invite current college and university students to apply for our Junior Leader Program. Junior Leaders pay a reduced program fee to support T1WT Program Leaders, learn the ropes of T1WT program management, and, upon successful completion of the Junior Leader Program, may be invited to lead a future T1WT program.

We are currently building out a coaching program to be able to offer 1:1 coaching to travelers who are preparing for gap years, study abroad semester, independent travel, work abroad, and more. Stay tuned!

Absolutely. Each itinerary is so different and offers new growth opportunities, adventures, and experiences. We love welcoming back alumni travelers. 

Yes! Legal and insurance fees have posed a significant barrier to anyone wanting to operate a travel company for diabetic youth. However, from the get go, our North Star has been to provide transformative travel opportunities to T1D teens, and we knew we would always find a way forward. Fast forward several years, and here we are, forward and privileged to be able to support diabetic teens as they find their confidence and develop their conviction that they can live life without limits.

Yes. We regularly have participants who have food allergies or dietary preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) on our programs. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your individual circumstances prior to applying.

No! We believe it is important for travelers to refine their carbohydrate estimation skills through exposure to new and unknown foods. We empower travelers to order whatever they’d like off menus and try new street food stalls and snacks, and our staff help travelers make educated assumptions about carbohydrate content.

Program Leaders determine rotating roommate assignments such that each time you stay in a new accommodation, you’ll have a new roommate(s). We find this system works well to develop strong bonds and a healthy group dynamic. Rooming is typically single-sex, though there are some instances (i.e. the houseboat) where the whole group will sleep in the same room.

In order to foster our travelers’ independence and self-health management skills, we do not permit parent/guardians to remote monitor their teen’s CGM during the program. Those with access to travelers’ CGM data must agree to abide by our remote monitoring policy and disable Follow access between departure and arrival home. We also ask that our travelers disable Share access. 

Please see our Technology & Communications policies for more information.

To maximize independence and self-reliance, we do not permit travelers to use their phones for reasons other than 1) diabetes management and 2) cameras. As such, we do not permit phone calls, emails, or text or social media messages to or from our travelers for the duration of the program. The exceptions to this are: travelers will call home on arrival and departure and in the event of an emergency. 

Travelers bringing smartphones for both personal (non-diabetes-related, camera uses) and diabetes purposes will be expected to turn their phones on airplane mode (keeping Bluetooth on) for the duration of their program. 

Please see our Technology & Communications policies for more information.

Spaces are limited to just 14 travelers per program group. Type 1 Way Ticket currently runs one program per year. To avoid missing out on a space, we encourage you to apply once you have read through the program information, discussed the program with your family, and are sure you are able to join the program. Places are allocated on a first-to-enroll basis, and our programs usually fill 3-4 months before departure.